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Chevy trucks are famous all over the world for their power, performance, and many features. One of our favorite features in these new trucks is their state-of-the-art infotainment system, Chevrolet MyLink.

Drive Safely with Chevy MyLink

Chevrolet MyLink helps you integrate all of your technology, keeping it organized for easy access and use on the go. This infotainment system allows you to make and receive phone calls, check your texts, and access some of your favorite apps without even having to touch your phone. The convenience of the system is unparalleled, but most importantly, acts as a factor to keep you safe. Chevrolet MyLink allows you to hold your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road without sacrificing any connectivity to your tech. It even keeps your navigation display where it is easy to see, giving you no reason to take focus your attention elsewhere.

Chevy MyLink Features

Perhaps the most essential feature of the Chevy MyLink technology is its ability to help you stay connected to your phone. It works with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so any smartphone you may have will connect seamlessly. Many of your phone’s features and apps will work directly through the color touchscreen display in the center of your dash.

Beyond phone integration, MyLink allows you to access other great infotainment features too. Listen to your favorite satellite radio stations with SiriusXM connectivity- many models even come with a three-month trial subscription to the All-Access package. If you prefer to get your radio through the internet, Pandora is a great option, as the mobile app is compatible with MyLink. Of course, classic terrestrial radio is still in play as well.

An increasing amount of individuals choose to get their podcast fix during their daily commute. To make this easier, Stitcher’s podcast app is a compatible feature with MyLink, providing you with access to over 100,000 different podcasts available to stream. All of these apps are available through the connection to your smartphone but are also able to be installed directly onto your Chevy MyLink.

The MyLink technology is good for more than just fun. Chevy’s Teen Driver technology helps you instill good driving habits in your young drivers. This technology will report back with some stats about how your child drove, allowing you to provide better coaching.

Instill Safe Teen Driving

Teen Driver technology includes various features to enforce good habits when you are not around. Some of which include:
• Give audio and visual warnings when the vehicle passes a predetermined speed.
• Limit the top volume for music, and mute audio completely when people in the front seat aren’t wearing their seatbelts.
• Keep active safety features such as Park Assist on, even if the driver prefers to turn them off.
• Generate an in-vehicle report when safety features like Forward Collision Alert and Forward Automatic Braking are engaged.

Infotainment Performance

Not only is this system loaded with features, but it also boasts some of the fastest response times anywhere. The MyLink infotainment system responds to inputs faster than many iterations of the iPhone or Samsung Edge. The fact that the infotainment in Chevy trucks is faster than some leading smartphones is proof that Chevrolet went the extra mile when developing the MyLink software, just as they do with all attributes put in their vehicles.

Chevy Car Dealership Near Memphis

To see how easy it is to stay connected in your new Chevy truck, see us at Serra Chevrolet Bartlett! Get directions from our website, then swing by whenever we’re open. Our experienced and friendly staff will walk you through how to use these high-tech interiors, and you can see how well they integrate with your smartphone.

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